Babici presents a world-class talent pool of graphic and product designers to its bespoke offering. Developed to drive creative integrity and design leadership, the CDC (Cycling Design Council) ensures the market has a creative benchmark lead by authenticity and credibility.

Available to design your bespoke cycling apparel are design thinkers and creators of beautiful aesthetics and branded cycling products. To book one of the CDC designers please email to discuss your bespoke by Babici kits.

Kev Martin-Babakian MDes

Tenure: 25 Years

Credentials: Master of Design UTS Sydney

Experience: Global Creative Director, Advertising & Branding.

Speciality: Design, Strategy, Creative Direction, Marketing

Mantra: ‘Create something new every day’

Practice: Founder

Passion: Cycling, Design, Architecture, Red Wine, Hip-Hop

Resides: Mallorca, Sydney

Bike: Cervelo S5

Chris Brown BaDes(Hons)

Tenure: 12 Years

Credentials: Bachelor of Art -Design (Hons) Falmouth UK

Experience: Graphic Design, Communication

Speciality: Design, Art Direction

Mantra: ‘Less is more unless we’re talking about cake’

Practice: Freelance Designer

Passion: Cycling, Snowboarding, Surfing 

Resides: Winborne, Dorset UK


Simon Telfer BaDes(Hons)

Tenure: 23 Years

Credentials: Bachelor of Art -Design (Hons) RMIT

Experience: Branding Creative Director, Designer

Speciality: Design, Strategy, Creative Direction

Mantra: ‘Think first…and use a pencil’

Practice: Founder Created by South Veloposters

Passion: Cycling, Design, Heavy Metal, Coffee

Resides: Melbourne

Bike: Curve Belgie