Welcome to Bespoke by Babici. Australia’s leading premium bespoke cycling design and manufacturing obrand. High End custom designed cycling apparel is highly sought after by clubs, teams and groups wanting to distinguish themselves through a distinct design and highest level performance quality.

Whilst most kits look and function similarly, the attention to detail and quality of the textiles, trims, details, manufacturing and chamois can be a world apart. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for and at Babici, we source the worlds’ most advanced raw materials and manufacturing processes to create bespoke by Babici apparel for our  global customers.

Babicis’ quest to secure the very best spans across the globe. From Italy, Switzerland, Australia to New Zealand, our textile partners develop and produce the highest level performance textiles for elite performance athletes. Whilst textiles are important, Babici invests in developing innovative products that aid in improving the athletic performance of you ride. The humble chamois is one of Babicis’ primary interests ensuring that constant development is aligned to the evolution of cycling and the athletes needs.

Coupled with high performance benefits, Babicis’ design prowess is acknowledged worldwide, ensuring every kit has it’s own identity, aligned to Babici’s premium design credential.